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Application Development


Application Development

At Lotus beta Analytics, we leverage on years of experience, expertise, technical prowess and know-how, intellectual property (IP), methods in application development to produce applications which improve and nurture business growth. Application development is re-molding significantly the current way of thinking or doing business by organizations in every sector. From transforming end-user experience, creating new revenue channels, and making business innovation-ready towards targeting a wider customer base, our solutions are developed and supported to meet these needs in accordance with industry best practices that guarantee security, availability, interoperability, and maintainability.

We work together with our clients to provide solution recommendations, custom, application support and maintenance tailored to meet their needs. All these are becoming core strategic requirements for clients looking to compete effectively in delivering world-class services to their customers, and to add value and improve business outcomes. In all these our designs and application development are premeditated to meeting our client’s needs and solving their problems.

Our Application Development Solutions:

  SAAS Solution

  Product Design and User Interface Design

  Web development

  Mobile Development: iOS and Android

  Enterprise Application Development: SharePoint Portal and Microsoft Dynamics

  Application Re-Engineering

  Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

  Testing Services

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