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IT Assurance


IT Assurance

With the growth of technology and technology being the driving force for businesses, it is of no doubt that technology unfolds opportunities upon opportunities whilst garnering significant threats as well. At Lotus Beta Analytics, we offer a wide range of IT assurance services and advice that can aid your organization grow and be secure about their IT infrastructure.

Our team of specialists with great experience and advanced technology skills and expertise offer services that will help your organization manage proactively and reactively your IT technology risks with a focus to sustainable growth.

In partnership with our clients, we provide deep understanding of their businesses and deliver superior insights as regards their technology with recommendations and make certain that they get good value from their IT knowing they are safe and secure.

Our IT Assurance services:

  IT Audit & Compliance

  Assessment and Remediation

   Process Assessment based on COBIT

  Data Analysis

  IT Risk Assessment

   IT security

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