We all are already used to the whirring sound we hear/feel when we power on our systems. An aunt erroneously believes it is the fan and pitches a fit when she sees my laptop on my laps. While she is not far wrong, the fan is not the only component that whirls. The hard disk drive, your inbuilt storage device that has been around for years, is the other culprit. The fan would probably not be necessary if the HDD didn’t generate that much heat while it works.

These are part of the many listed disadvantages that the HDD has. We probably wouldn’t know or appreciate any other storage device and would still continue to live with these ‘inadequacies’, however, last week saw the release of several SSD devices and I was curious to know what they were.

SSDs are Solid State Drives, and they have apparently been around for quite a while. As with new technologies, there probably have not been widespread use of the device because of costs, but they are quite efficient, even more than HDDs. They read and write information at higher speeds than HDDs because information is stored on flash chips as against the magnetic discs of HDD whose read/ write speed is determined by the number of revolutions it will make and how easy it is to locate the files while working. SSDs also remain running even when the power is off making it easier and quicker to restore functions when power comes back on. That is not to say that SSDs do not have other disadvantages besides the cost.

As only diamonds are forever (according to Aunt Shirley), the flash chips do not stand a chance at eternal life, although you might probably have changed your devices because they are obsolete than because it lost it memory. The sizes of the memory available is still less than 1TB. Anymore could probably cost an arm, a leg and the entire future. As earlier mentioned, they are not so available however, recent computer manufacturers have taken to inserting SSDs into their products. The cost of those ehn…

Either way, we should prepare ourselves for the choices that are already made available to us as far data storage is concerned.

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