Disaster Recovery

Allow us Transform the way You Manage Disaster Recovery

Unforeseen interruptions can have a key effect on an organization’s capacity to function, IT is vital to your organization’s feat, so you need to know that if anything happened to your data or infrastructure then you can be back up and running swiftly, evading costly downtime or total loss. Disaster Recovery resources are idle for most of the time till they required to work the most. The problem is, they often don’t.
LBAN’s Disaster Recovery solution is an affordable, entirely managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS, working alongside you to make the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to suit your unique disaster recovery and security objectives

Lotus Beta Analytics Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), powered by Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) recovery replication software functionality which uses a network of Microsoft managed data centres to deliver enterprise-grade security, compliance and SLAs backed by 24x7x365 support and monitoring.
Clients can replicate their primary environment to LBAN or to Microsoft Azure, based on their requirements. This is a vital differentiator with LBAN’s all-inclusive DRaaS services, clients can also replicate workloads that won’t fit in the cloud to LBAN data centre. They have options.
• LBAN’S DRaaS is allowed for both physical and virtualized environments.
• Our support packages provide you with a consistent profitable model to abridge your investment and make it more probable.
• It also replicates servers and/or virtual machines running either Windows or Linux.
• In the occurrence of a disaster you only pay for the replicated data, there is no charge for any computer resource until a Disaster Recovery plan is invoked and once the environment is shut down all charges return to the baseline charge.
.Our DR process

Requirement gathering and analysis.
Planning is the key phase to ensure the deployed solution meets your needs. This involves key activities such as identifying protection requirements, business alignment to RPO/RTO, capacity planning, connectivity design. An optimal solution is determined and agreed, we will preliminarily set up the Azure platform and make any changes to the on-premise infrastructure as required to meet the failover process.

Stage 2
Disaster Recovery Solutions Architecture & Delivery
Here, LBAN will deliver pieces of training and sessions for requirements gathering to enable us to provide an architected methodology and design.

A) Disaster Recovery Plan Development:
• Disaster Recovery Planning
• Procedure and Run Book Development

B) Azure Site Recovery Implementation:
• Architecture and Planning
• Tool Deployment
• Failover/Failback Testing
• Documentation and Finalization

Stage 3
Managed Service Implementation
When setting up a proactive Disaster Recovery solution, confirming it is monitored, tested and kept up to date is imperious to guaranteeing it works when it’s required. At LBAN we offer an all-inclusive, hands-on monitoring solution that guarantees your Disaster Recovery is managed, tested and sustained.
Our Managed Solution Includes:
• Automated protection and replication of virtual machines
• Remote health monitoring
• Customizable recovery plans
• No-impact recovery plan testing
• Orchestrated recovery when needed
• Replication to—and recovery in—Azure

Why choose us
Possessing the latest disaster recovery solution in Azure and managed by the Cloud experts at LBAN, will give you amity that your business’ critical systems, applications and data are protected and wholly maximized
– Reduce cost – downtime cost – brand reputation -Always on

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